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CINDY'S COLLECTION 2009 Shiraz - Pinotage

CINDY'S COLLECTION 2009 Shiraz - Pinotage

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CINDY’S 2009 Shiraz-Pinotage

This wonderful Shiraz-Pinotage, with its intense, cherry-red color, combines the best qualities of the South African viniculture. The wine captivates with its slightly smoky, aromatic and spicy bouquet of dark berry and elder fragrances. A full-body, well-structured red. Also adorned with a label designed by artist Adam Koné, who very beautifully represents the many joys of South African life.

Origin1 Western Cape, South Africa
GrapeVariety1 Shiraz, Pinotage
Color1 cherry red, intense
Bouquet1 slightly smoky, aromatic, spicy fragrance,
Bouquet2 blackberries, elderberry
Flavor1 powerful flavor, broad and full-bodied,
BottleVolume 750ml
Category wine
Flavor2 well-structured,
Pairing1 game, ostrich fillet
PileSort 4
SequSort 13
Txt strong, full-bodied
Farbe Red

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