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DON PASCUAL 2010 Clásico Navarra D.O

DON PASCUAL 2010 Clásico Navarra D.O

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Origin1 Ribera baja, Navarra, Spain
GrapeVariety1 Garnacha, Tempranillo, Merlot,
GrapeVariety2 Cabernet Sauvignon
Color1 deep ruby
Bouquet1 spicy, balanced, cherries, eucalyptus,
Bouquet2 blackberries, light wood note
Flavor1 soft first sip, subtly acidic, fruit accents
BottleVolume 750ml
Category wine
Flavor2 black currant, cherries, spicy, long
Pairing1 lamb, game dishes, roasts
Txt spicy, fruity, aromatic, balanced
BuildUpId Oak barrel
BuildUpTime 12
Farbe Red

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