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Reinterpretation of the Wine & Terroir


With the wine Barriqueria Castagna, the experts of the Competence Center of SCHULER reinterpret the notion of terroir and enrich it with a unique quality. The marriage of the vine and the wood of the dominant tree of this same region produces a unique taste sensation and typical of this terroir.

This incomparable innovation is the fruit of the close collaboration of the experts of SCHULER Caves St-Jacques. The oenologist, Marc Heumann, selected the best Ticino merlot. The master cooper, Gerhard Benninger, chose the ideal and typical wood from Ticino to make barrels of noble wood. With the cellar master, Toni Broch, they accompanied the breeding of wine for 14 months in the cellars of our company. The Barriqueria Castagna Merlot is available in strictly limited quantities and each numbered bottle.

Origin1 Ticino, Switzerland
GrapeVariety1 Merlot
Color1 deep ruby red, bright
Bouquet1 Complex, roasted and smoked notes, chestnuts,
Bouquet2 Spicy, slightly peppery, cherries, plum
Flavor1 soft first sip, pleasant tannins,
BottleVolume 750ml
Category Wine
Flavor2 Rich, roasted notes, chestnuts, plums
Pairing1 Roasted food, rabbit, lamb fillet,
PileSort 10
SequSort 7
Pairing2 Wild with cranberries
Txt Fine, chestnuts, toasted, cherries, elegant
ItemAwardDesc "2017 Decanter Silver 2016 MUNDUS Vini Silver"
BuildUpId Ok barrel
BuildUpTime 11Month
Farbe Red

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